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Our experience helps us achieve predictable outcomes for our client-partners, providing for the safe, efficient flow of energy.

As the owner and operator of the largest fleet of floating storage and regasification units (FSRUs) in the industry, Excelerate Energy has accumulated substantial expertise in floating LNG system integration and operation. Excelerate’s FSRUs, are purpose-built LNG tankers that incorporate onboard equipment for the vaporization of LNG and delivery of high-pressure natural gas. These vessels load in the same manner as standard LNG tankers at traditional liquefaction terminals and also retain the flexibility to discharge in three distinct ways. These are:

  • As a liquid at a conventional LNG receiving terminal;
  • As a gas through the FSRU’s connection with a subsea buoy in the hull of the ship; and
  • As a gas through a high-pressure gas manifold located forward of the vessel’s LNG loading arms.

Excelerate Energy’s Fleet


Vessel: Excalibur
Delivery: October 2002
Class: LNGC
Capacity: 138,000 m³ LNG


Vessel: Excelsior
Delivery: January 2005
Class: Excelsior FSRU
Capacity: 138,000 m³ LNG


Vessel: Excellence
Delivery: May 2005
Class: Excelsior FSRU
Capacity: 138,000 m³ LNG


Vessel: Excelerate
Delivery: October 2006
Class: Excelsior FSRU
Capacity: 138,000 m³ LNG


Vessel: Explorer
Delivery: March 2008
Class: Explorer FSRU
Capacity: 150,900 m³ LNG


Vessel: Express
Delivery: May 2009
Class: Explorer FSRU
Capacity: 150,900 m³ LNG


Vessel: Exquisite
Delivery: October 2009
Class: Explorer FSRU
Capacity: 150,900 m³ LNG


Vessel: Expedient
Delivery: April 2010
Class: Explorer FSRU
Capacity: 150,900 m³ LNG


Vessel: Exemplar
Delivery: September 2010
Class: Explorer FSRU
Capacity: 150,900 m³ LNG


Vessel: Experience
Delivery: May 2014
Class: Experience FSRU
Capacity: 173,400 m³ LNG

 Vessel Particulars

Excalibur Class Excelsior Class Explorer Class Experience
Flag Belgium Belgium Belgium Marshall Islands
Regas Vessel No Yes Yes Yes
Capacity (m3) 138,000 138,000 150,900 173,400
Containment System No 96 No 96 No 96 No 96
Length (m) 277 277 291  294.5
Beam (m) 43.4 43.4 43.4 46.4
Laden Draft (m) [.478 sp gr] 11.42 11.52 11.6 11.5
Scantling Draft (m) [.50 sp gr] 12.2 12.2 12.4 12.6
Ballast Draft (m) 9.4 9.2 9.5 9.4
Air Draft in Ballast 44.8 44.8 41.2 61.0
Deadweight Tons at Scantling Draft 69,500 68,130 82.500 84.700
Gross Tons 95,800 93,719 100,361 *
Service Speed at 90% MCR 19.5 19.2 19.0 18.0
Fuel Consumption (mt/d) 174 174 174 120
Boil-off Rate/Day 0.150% 0.155% 0.150% 0.150%
Cargo Capacity 98.5% (m3) 135,930 135,930 148,637 170.800
Cool Down Volume (m3) 800 800 880-975 880-975
Cool Down Time (hrs) 12 12 12 12

Regasification Capabilities

To accomplish the task of offshore LNG vaporization, our FSRUs may be operated in one of three ways:

  • Closed-loop mode, in which steam from the FSRU boilers is used to heat fresh water circulated through the shell-and-tube vaporizers in the regasification plant. This results in minimal usage of seawater by the FSRU;
  • Open-loop mode, in which relatively warm seawater is drawn in through the FSRU’s sea chests. This warm seawater is used as a heat source and passed through the shell of the shell-and-tube vaporizers, causing the vaporization of the LNG. During this process, the temperature of the seawater is lowered by approximately 13 degrees Fahrenheit (7 degrees Celsius). For this reason, the open-loop mode is not applicable for water temperatures below 45 degrees Fahrenheit;
  • Combined mode, in which seawater at temperatures between 45 and 58 degrees Fahrenheit can be used when heated by steam from the FSRU boilers to provide sufficient heat for the vaporization of the LNG.

The following table describes the regasification capabilities of our FSRUs:

Closed-Loop Baseload Open-Loop Baseload Peak Send-Out Rate
Excelsior Class FSRU (138,000 m³) 400 MMcf/day 500 MMcf/day 690 MMcf/day
Explorer Class FSRU (150,900 m³) 500 MMcf/day 500 MMcf/day 690 MMcf/day
Experience Class FSRU (173,400 m³) 400 MMcf/day 800 MMcf/day 800 MMcf/day

Even though our FSRUs are constructed with preset regasification capabilities, all of our vessels can be modified to provide increased regasification rates to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

We keep energy moving.

Complete flexibility to fit your needs – from FSRU to a complete gas delivery solution. Excelerate Energy is the only floating LNG provider offering services across the entire midstream LNG chain.